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School Closings Again

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen who have no legal say in the matter voted to keep all school buildings open in St.Louis. This makes no sense as enrollment is down and the money spent to keep these buildings open could be used to educate children. Another case of lack of leadership and political grandstanding. Written by Paul Dr


More About the Board of Aldermen in St. Louis

The vote by the Board of Aldermen to vote again on lowering the number of aldermen is simply a power grab by aldermen who don’t want to give up the illusion of power and could care less about the public interest. The public voted overwhelmingly to lower the number of aldermen to 14.

Racism is not the issue either. If blacks are represented by 7 or 14 aldermen it is the same level of black power as 14 out of 28. Certain individuals are just afraid of losing their jobs. Written by Paul Dribin

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