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Cardinals Update

I am worried about the Cardinals for next year unless they make some significant improvements. They are solid on pitching and defense, but their offense is horrible. I don’t understand letting Wong go who has great talent but seems at times to do stupid things-like getting picked off to end the World Series. The Cardinals need hitter, particularly, outfielders. Their outfield has to be one of the weakest hitting ones in baseball history. I also question their Vice President, John Mozelak who spent lavishly on marginal players such as Fowler and Carpenter but let Voss and other talented young hitters go. Unless the Cardinals significantly upgrade their offense they will not make the playoffs. Written by Paul Dribin

Tony Larussa to Manage White Sox

I was surprised the White Sox hired Tony who is 76 years old and has been away from managing for awhile. Still he was a brilliant manager though his career, particularly with the Cardinals. He was a fairly abrasive personality but certainly got the results. I was always suspicious he was complicit in the McGwire, and Cansaco drugging incidents. You wonder if he can relate to young players and the new method of playing baseball. We shall see. Written by Paul Dribin

Baseball Predictions

As a St. Louisan I follow the Cardinals although the Cubs are my favorite team. I am amazed the Cards made the playoffs, they have a fairly poor team, particularly offensively. Their pitching is excellent.

Much to my surprise I have enjoyed the shortened baseball season and the unique rules under which it has been played. There is an excitement to the fact that almost every team can make the playoffs. I have enjoyed the designated hitter rule and the 7 inning doubleheader’s. They made serious mistakes by extending the contract of Matt Carpenter who is one of the poorest hitters in baseball and Dexter Fowler. Former players such as Luke Voit, Marcell Ozuna, and Randall Griuchek have been superb. I think the Cardinal ownership is content to maintain an average product.

In the end I believe the Dodgers and Yankees will meet in the World Series with the Dodgers winning it all. Written by Paul Dribin

St. Louis Cardinals

I am a huge baseball fan but have not been into watching games this shortened season. The local team, the St. Louis Cardinals have a mediocre team, good pitching and poor hitting. Furthermore, they are boring to watch. I hold the ownership and Vice President John Mozelak responsible for this result. I believe the ownership has been stingy with the dollars because they knew pre covid the team would draw well regardless of the results on the field. Mozelak’s decisions to give an expensive contract extension to Matt Carpenter, give big bucks to a mediocre Dexter Fowler, and let Luke Voit, Matt Griuchek, and let Marcell Ozuna go have been poor decisions. Much of the success of the team was due to the carryover from the Laruso era. When that ran out the gig was up, Written by Paul Dribin

Assaults are Up in Downtown St. Louis

Assaults are at a record high in downtown St Louis. This of course is bad news. The coronavirus may be one cause. Another is the reluctance of police to take any strong action to prevent crime since the Michael Brown case of several years ago. A third reason is the lack of fans going to Cardinal baseball. The crowds associated with these games create a safety barrier and the games result in far more police being on the street than usual. Written by Paul Dribin

Ferguson Relived

I attended the Cardinals game Saturday night. Upon leaving out on the street a group of white protestors who are members of Black Lives Matter. They were obnoxious and confrontational, with obscene signs including some that called police murders. I am sympathetic with the general cause but this is not a way to win friends and influence people. Written by Paul Dribin

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