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Stenger involved in bribe scheme for development of Jamestown Mall

This fits in with what we have been reading. This is an effort to bribe a County Council member.

Better Together Pulling Back

The Post Dispatch carried a story this afternoon which said that Better Together was withdrawing its’ initiative petition from the state. The board believes with a lot of justification that the initiative cannot pass unless there are provisions that the city and county provide a majority concern. Many potential supporters and critics are concerned that a statewide vote is not fair because the outstate voters do not have skin in the game. This is a wise move and hopefully will help the process. Written by Paul Dribin

Stenger Pleads Guilty

This is the one smart thing he has done.

Sam Page Acting County Executive Makes Changes

Plans move ahead to terminate Wellston Housing Authority and Demolish Propertulues

This is a very tough issue. The Wellston Housing Authority was corrupt and ran these properties into the ground. The tenants are very poor and have little housing choice. Hud has not provided adequate resources. Written by Paul Dribin

Stenger Indicted

this is a huge deal. This blog has written often about the crooked dealings of Stenger and his colleague Sheila Sweeney

St. Louis County Affordable Housing Trust Fund

I just received an email with the initial results of the planning efforts of the proposed Affordable Housing Trust Fund for St. Louis County. I am delighted to see the recommendations which made terrific sense. The group is led by Chris Krehmeyer of Beyond Housing and the Clark-Fox Foundation is providing important support. I am glad they see that moving to communities of opportunity is the most important factor in success. I hope this program can get implemented. Written by Paul Dribin

Post Editorial About Stenger Improprieties

Fight between kim Gardner and special Prosecutor

Another example if the disfunction if St Louis. Gardner has been a disaster and is in way over her head. The prosecution of Greitens was a disaster. Written by a Paul Dribin

More about St Louis County Federal Investigation

I have been writing for some time about this corruption. Stenger and Sheila Sweeney are in big trouble

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