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Lisa Clancy

Lisa Clancy is the St. Louis County Council member from my district. She ran as a reformer but has turned out to be an unusually power hungry politician. She developed a scheme to get herself picked as leader. This process involved the vote of a member whose term expired. Not surprisingly the courts ruled against her. This whole activity has caused the county time and money and is disgraceful. Ms. Clancy should resign. Written by Paul Dribin

Racism in St. Louis County Police Department

A great article by Antonio French of the Post Dispatch. The leadership of St. Louis County Police Department is clueless. The chief said there was no racism. No in addition to questions about leadership of County Council, we have a major discrimination lawsuit in the police department.

Vaccine Distribution in St. Louis Area

The distribution of the virus like everything associated with pandemic relief has been helter skelter. The City of St. Louis has been criticized for establishing a mass vaccination site with accusations that less worthy people had received the vaccine. I cannot be too critical, because getting it in as many arms as possible will alleviate the spread of the disease. I cannot be critical of recipients who may have fibbed to get the vaccine because they cannot rely on rapid delivery of future shipments. Hopefully the national relief bill when passed can address these issues. Written by Paul Dribin

Vaccines and Racial Equity

St. Louis County like most parts of the country has been slow to get citizens vaccinated. They announced today a vaccination site at Florissant Valley Community College. This is a good start. What concerns me and many others is that underserved people and poor people are less likely to get vaccinated. Right, now the system is such that it requires computer literacy and skills to navigate an obtuse and fragmented system. Lower income people often do not have the resources to do so and are skeptical of medical personnel. President Biden is putting an emphasis on equity in coronavirus policy. I hope he is successful. Written by Paul Dribin

Chaos in St Louis County Council

A good article that makes great sense

Consultant Report Issued Critical of city and county Police Departments

Teneo a consulting firm hired by business leaders to evaluate policing in the St. Louis region issued their report yesterday. They were critical of both the city and county for antiquated systems, inadequate leadership etc. Today we found out the report never mentioned racism as an issue. That seems to be a big problem. This points out again how hopelessly divided and ungovernable our region is. Written by Paul Dribin

Mayor Krewson Comments on Centene Criticism of Crime in St Louis

From today’s Post Dispatch

St. Louis County Named One of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Counties in America for Thanksgiving | News Blog

Kinsa, the public health tracking company, has a new website where you can enter your zip code and find out the current score for your…
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This is bad news

St. Louis Area Shows Higher Covid Outbreak in Counties that Do Not Have Mask Ordinances

This is a no brainer. I am appalled by the lack of leadership of our county officials. Written by Paul Dribin

Poor Covid Leadership in Missouri

I am disappointed to see the terrible spikes in coronavirus in Missouri and the poor political leadership. Governor Parsons has adopted a hands off approach with no guidance. I was particularly disappointed to see St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann refuse to cooperate with regional efforts, refuse mask ordinances, and express doubts about the efficacy of masks. The cases are spiking,St. Louis City and County are doing a good job,but the virus doesn’t stop at the Missouri River. Written by Paul Dribin

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