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Covid Cases Significantly Up in St. Louis Region

Cases are up. Positivity rate is almost 9%. Dr. Sam Page, County Executive and Lyda Krewson, Mayor of St. Louis have issued stern warnings. It is sad to see the opposition that Page in particular has received. BobDylan’s song Idiot Wind is appropriate for our time. Written by Paul Dribin

Economic Development Organizations Merge

A group of Economic Development organizations in St. Louis have merged. That is good for what its’ worth. My concern is that Economic Development agencies don’t create jobs and supporting them financially is a waste of money. Written by Paul Dribin

Another Example of St. Louis Area Disfunction

This story is from The St. Louis Post Dispatch. Apparently, city and county officials worked with consultants hired by large business entities to improve the cooperation between city and county police. The mayor of St Louis and county executive endorsed the idea. One problem, local communities where the study was to take place were not informed. This is the typical business led top down approach to problem solving that St. Louis is known for. The idea itself may be good, but the execution has been horrible. Written by Paul Dribin

Vote to Limit Sam Page

In the usual narrow minded manner, thousands of St. Louis County residents voted to limit the power of County Executive Sam Page to declare health emergencies. This has primarily resulted from parents who are upset their children were limited in their ability to participate in sports. To me, this is ludicrous and an example of why we cant successfully fight coronavirus. I have given Dr. Page major compliments for his strong stance against the coronavirus which has saved lives. He will veto the bill anyway so the whole effort is totally symbolic. Written by Paul Dribin

Economic Development in St. Louis Region

Dave Nicklaus wrote today in the Post-Dispatch that several of the area economic development agencies are talking of merging. This is a good idea. Why do we need all these different organizations? A better idea would be to dissolve them all. I don’t believe any of them accomplish much. Written by Paul Dribin

St. Louis County Council News

Two key items. The council is trying to claw back its’ authority to control covid funds from the federal government. This is a good idea, but probably too late.

Second, the County Executive proposed a budget that gives raises to everyone and has no reduction in service. This seems to me and many on the county council as a fantasy. What is happening is that Sam Page, County Executive is running for office in November. He does not want to face the voters when he is raising taxes or cutting services. Look for a new budget after the election. Written by Paul Dribin

City County Merger

Anyone who writes about St. Louis needs to cover this topic. It is almost a cliche, but our region cannot thrive with the present system of governance. The City of St. Louis is not part of St. Louis County which wastes resources and makes comprehensive planning more difficult. In addition, the 87 municipalities are inefficient with communities competing against each other, and many of these communities not able to provide a professional level of service. I am very pessimistic that any change can take place. The recent election of Kim Gardner as Circuit Attorney in the City of St. Louis caused many county residents I know to reaffirm their opposition to merger. Written by Paul Dribin

City of Bel Ridge Flunks State Audit

State Auditor Galloway gave this community in northern St. Louis County the lowest possible rating. This is another example of why the large number of small municipalities in St. Louis County is a problem. (1200 residents). I don’t anticipate the problem ever changing. Written by Paul Dribin

Misguided Criticism of Sam Page

I think this is hysterical. The coronavirus epidemic is higher than it should be in the St. Louis region because people are not adhering to masking and distancing guidelines, going to bars etc. County Executive Page has issued requirements limiting youth sports activities. Parents are not protesting at Page’s house to express their displeasure with Dr. Page for his policies. The real villain is not Dr. Page but the reckless behavior of many of these same parents. Written by Paul Dribin

More on Page-Erby Pissing Contest

More on the pissing contest between the two. Stirring up a hornet,s nest in the black community. The question is what was Erby,s job? To me she was bribed to keep quiet when Page took over. Written by Paul Dribin

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