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Misinformation About St Louis Public Schools

An excellent column by tony Messinger. We have to work

K hard to stop the spread of misinformation in social media. Paul Dribin

Criticism of ameren

A thoughtful article from Sierra club published in Post Dispatch

Violent Behavior in Downtown St Louis

A sad article. People assert in here that the coronavirus is the cause of the crime. I disagree. The cause is that due to all the criticism of police, they are not aggressively patrolling. Since the Michael Brown incident, arrests are way down. Written by Paul Dribin

Post dispatch editorial on violent demonstrations

An excellent editorial that takes to task people who are looting in the name of social justice

Masks and Freedom

This is a letter to the editor I hope will be appearing in the St Louis Post Dispatch

I am saddened to hear my fellow citizens again resisting wearing coronavirus masks because it restricts their individual freedom.  This attitude represents an ignorance of science and our governing principles.

The scientific argument for wearing masks is irrefutable.  They keep the disease from spreading to others and new studies show it also helps prevent the individual from receiving the disease.

The political and philosophical issue is more nuanced.  Freedom is not an absolute right and one person’s freedom may cause harm to another.  Society needs to operate on a set of rules for overall safety and well being.  Wearing masks and social distancing are two easy measures that not only help the individual but society.  We can’t go through red lights, dump garbage in streams, or bring guns on planes,  even if your notion of freedom is compromised.  Furthermore, freedom is not the only governing value of our society.  The constitution mentions providing for the common defense and promoting the general welfare.

It is sad that our country has become so individualistic that we won’t adopt simple measures for our common safety. Many lives have been lost as a result.

City considering an anti violence program—program-to/article_8c89bd1c-0b50-5154-a8f8-98412a1b6d77.html

This needs to happen. Crime is ruining the city

An excellent prescription for the future of St. Louis

The story behind tower tee being saved–month-performance-art-that-helped-save-tower-tee/article_32ac6d7c-dc79-5979-9c1e-a2aa95e56e3f.html

A conservative critiquebofblow income housing tax credit program

This article is accurate from an economic perspective. Unfortunately,there are no other resources to address the needs of low income people requiring housing. Written by Paul Dribin

A thoughtful column on why the General Motors plant expansion In Wentzville is a good idea

This is a no brained

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