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The Need for Affordable Housing

Great article from Post Dispatch

St. Louis Area Shows Higher Covid Outbreak in Counties that Do Not Have Mask Ordinances

This is a no brainer. I am appalled by the lack of leadership of our county officials. Written by Paul Dribin

Groups face strong headwinds in push to stem violence in St. Louis | Law and order |

Experts believe the effort to curtail gun violence starts with sustained public funding and initiatives whose effectiveness can be measured over time.
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This was a good article today in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. It provided good examples of the terrible violence in our community and the frustrations of those trying to deal with it. The article did lack context, any analysis, or recommendations. It highlighted all the agencies and organizations trying to improve things. That perhaps was my greatest disappointment, all kinds of small agencies are trying to do things with few resources and little coordination. Written by Paul Dribin

St. Louis authorizes the Use of Community Development Block Grants to help Coronavirus Victims

This is a good use of funds. People who lost jobs could end up homeless

Why Has Missouri Turned Red?

An article in the Post Dispatch a political science Professor at St. Louis University

Preservation Square Project

McCormack/Barron/Salazar has been attempting to demolish portions of this existing project formerly known as Ofallon Place for some time. The project which is large, about 550 units will consist of some demolition, reconstruction, and rehabilitation. For some reason, Alderman Hubbard has been trying to hold the project up. I am not always a fan of McCormack etc. but this project is desperately needed to replace an obsolete, overcrowded facility. The Alderman’s action smack of wanting a handout or bribe. What is most weird is that her family control the tenant group at the project. Written by Paul Dribin

A Lot of Money Spent on Tight Schupp-Wagner Race

Jill Schupp has a chance to defeat do nothing Ann Wagner. My biggest objections to Ms. Wagner are that she is controlled by the insurance industry, never has public meetings, tried to kill Obamacare, and tried to weaken efforts to clean up the securities industry. I can’t believe a Congresswomanj has never had public meetings. Written by Paul Dribin

More About Messy Rollout of New Police Private Sector Initiative

This is looking like a cluster fuck

More Lixury Apartments in St. Louis

Will they rent, particularly Ballpark Village?

Masks in Jefferson County

The Post-Dispatch published a disturbing article today about the Coronavirus outbreak in Jefferson County MO. The county is partially suburban and rural. The citizens seem to be strongly opposed to any mask ordinance. As a result the number of cases has increased significantly and hospital space is at a premium. I am puzzled why people don’t change their attitudes when they see an increase in cases, deaths, etc. The definition of insanity is to keep doing what you were even when it didn’t work. Written by Paul Dribin

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