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Another Example of the Disfunction of the City of St. Louis

The political posturing around school closings is the latest and worst example of bad behavior in St. Louis. The school board desperately needs to close the schools as attendance is down and the buildings are costly to maintain. The response is an action by the Board of Aldermen to ban school closings, even though they have no say in the matter. St. Louis has far more buildings than comparably sized school districts. Instead of blaming the problems on charter schools, SLPS needs to improve the quality of education. 21% of students performing at grade will not cut it. Written by Paul Dribin

School Closings in St. Louis

The St. Louis School Board will vote on closing a number of schools. This action has community opposition as always. I don’t know what the School Board can do, enrollment is down and the buildings are expensive to maintain. This is an example of citizen involvement run amuck. Written by Paul Dribin

Misinformation About St Louis Public Schools

An excellent column by tony Messinger. We have to work

K hard to stop the spread of misinformation in social media. Paul Dribin

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