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Forest Park-One of the Many Wonders of St. Louis

I am soon leaving for my weekly socially distanced lunch with a friend at Forest Park. I always come away from those lunches energized and positive, not only because of the conversation with my friend but because of the beauties of Forest Park. It is a place that combines cultural attractions like the zoo,history museum, art museum, but for its sheer beauty. Maybe most important all kinds of people of different ages, ethnic groups, and nationalities are using and enjoying the park. I like others am quick to criticize St. Louis. I need to do a better job of pointing out great amenities like Forest Park.


Zoo Tax

The voters of St. Louis County will be asked to approve a sales tax increase to support increased operations of the St. Louis Zoo. They are talking of building a new facility in north county.

I am opposed to a sales tax which is regressive. An approach fo fundraising which makes sense is to charge admission to visitors who are not residents of St. Louis City or County, or allow these county to join the Museum District, and or allow residents of outlying counties to enter the zoo for free if they buy an annual membership. The system is fair by charging users of the service for the privilege of entry. Written by Paul Dribin

Financing of St. Louis Zoo

The St. Louis Zoo is proposing an increased sales tax to help pay for zoo operations. Like other critics, I am opposed to this tax. Instead of a sales tax, an admission fee should be charged to all visitors who do not live in St. Louis City or County. For years city and county residents have supported the zoo and other cultural institutions with taxes. Folks from the surrounding counties pay nothing. People who live outside the city and county could avoid an admission charge by paying a membership fee. Fair is fair. Written by Paul Dribin

St. Louis Museum District and the Suburbs

St. Louis has a fabulous set of museums parks and public institutions. They include the zoo, history museum, planetarium, art museum, and botanical gardens. Most of these attractions are world class and they are free. For some reason the Botanical Gardens charge admission. They are paid for from property taxes on St. Louis City and county residents.

The rub in the whole thing is that people outside the city and county pay nothing in taxes and get to visit for free. When this board was originally established, there was not much population outside the city and county, and not many visitors from around the country and world. Now there is a need for additional funding.

I would recommend that the remainder of the region either pay through taxes or pay admission fees. This is only fair.

Written by Paul Dribin

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