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City considering an anti violence program—program-to/article_8c89bd1c-0b50-5154-a8f8-98412a1b6d77.html

This needs to happen. Crime is ruining the city

Better Together Pulling Back

The Post Dispatch carried a story this afternoon which said that Better Together was withdrawing its’ initiative petition from the state. The board believes with a lot of justification that the initiative cannot pass unless there are provisions that the city and county provide a majority concern. Many potential supporters and critics are concerned that a statewide vote is not fair because the outstate voters do not have skin in the game. This is a wise move and hopefully will help the process. Written by Paul Dribin

Comptroller Green Blasts ‘Unacceptable Scrutiny’ Over Airport Bonds in Raucous Meeting | News Blog

It was something new for Darlene Green, the usually stoic St. Louis city comptroller. She wanted everyone in the room to know it. “This is…
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This is why the city doesn’t work. Refinancing the bonds is a no brained. Comptroller Green has been an exemplary public official. Krewson and Reed are in bed with the folks wanting to privatize the airport. As I said what is difficult about refinancing bonds at a lower interest rate. Written by Paul Dribin

Green lining

Greenlining is a nonsensical idea that is trendy with urban hipsters. The idea behind the program is to provide a mortgage fund that will fund the gap between the repair costs and the appraised value in an underserved neighborhood. An example:

Purchase price of house-$30000


Other costs. $10000

Money needed to break even-$110,000

Appraised value-$70000

The green line program would fund the difference between $110,000, and $70,000 ($40,000) with a second mortgage. The first lender would be held harmless against any losses.

The problem with the program is that the buyer of the property is immediately underwater. Also who would invest in these mortgages when the chances of getting your money back is so slim in the short run. It is ironic to me that housing advocates would urge buyers to buy underwater properties. Written by Paul Dribin

Alternatives to better together

I think Better Together is in trouble. There is a proposal to make St Louis City a part of the county. That seems like a good idea

Serious questions about better together

Ray Hartman shared a great article he wrote about Better Together. The gist of the article is simple; the claims made about the benefit of merging government have no basis in reality. This is too bad. The region clearly needs to merge governmental functions and do things differently. Better Together May be too grandiose of a plan. Written by Paul Dribin

New St. Louis urban homesteading program

this is a great idea and needs to be expanded. Why wait for property to be in LRA inventory for five years?

More Rankings for St. Louis

There were two recent polls, one in which St. Louis was negatively mentioned, and another where St. Louis was ominously omitted. The first was a ranking by MoneyWise Magazine which ranked St. Louis as the worst place in the United States in which to retire. This ranking was largely based on crime. The second index ranked the 25 places in which young people are ready to move. St. Louis was not on the list(Kansas City was). These polls by themselves are not significant but fit an overall pattern outlining the negative aspects of St. Louis life. Written by Paul Dribin

Be Cautious About City County. Merger

good article as always by David Nicklaus. I believe anything in this direction is good

Like to offer only scooters in St. Louis

the scooters can be dangerous to everyone but seem to be a good thing in promoting v


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