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Webster Groves Has a Good Idea but state Limits It

The City of Webster Groves is presenting a ballot initiative that would tax internet sales of over $2000. The funds would be used to promote racial and economic diversity. The internet tax is klunky due to state law. All internet sales should be taxed but the $2000 limit is all the state allows. It relies on an honor system of collection which is certainly unreliable. I applaud our representatives in Webster Groves but wish the State of Missouri would fully get on board. Written by Paul Dribin


Amendment 3

Amendment 3 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing proposed by the Republicans in the Missouri legislature. It would repeal the Clean amendment passed a couple years ago which appoints a neutral demographer to apportion legislative districts. Amendment 3 is innocuous appearing talking about restrictions on lobbying but would repeal a major good government initiative which had the support of 62% of the voting public in Missouri need to be alert and vote no on Amendment 3. Written by Paul Dribin

Short Sighted Action by State of Missouri

David Nicklaus had a good column today in the Post in which he lamented the loss of state funds that support business startups statewide, but particularly in the St. Louis area. These programs return far more in jobs and revenue than they cost. The St. Louis start up scene has been growing exponentially, we need to keep that up.

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