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Housing Subsidies in St. Louis

Development subsidies have been a controversial topic in St. Louis. Progressives and conservatives alike tend to think development is over subsidized. My experience is that due to market constraints, not much of anything would be build in St. Louis without subsidies. Mayor Tamra Jones has extricated a commitment from a developer of market rate housing in Grand Center to also build some workforce units on the north side. This is all fine, but what activists don’t realize is that you don’t create a market by building housing. People will not live in certain neighborhoods due to crime. That is a fact. Written by Paul Dribin


Crime in St. Louis

Mayor Tashara Jones is calling for the elimination of vacant police positions and an emphasis on social services to end crime. This is a mistake. There is no data to show this approach works, and some criminals need hard tactics by police. The social services need to be applied in addition to officers on the street. Written by Paul Dribin

Stalking Horse in Mayoral Race

The St. Louis mayoral race will be taking place next year. A new voting system in which candidates do not run with party labels will take over. I assume that incumbent mayor. Lyda Krewson will run as will Tashara Jones, City Treasurer, and Cara Spencer, Alderman. Good sources tell me that Spencer who I regard as a very able alderman, is a stalking horse for Tashara Jones. The plan is for Spencer to divide the white vote, allowing Jones who is African American a clear path to mayor. This racial dividing has been a common factor in St. Louis mayoral politics for years.Writtenby Paul Dribin

Who is the next Mayor of St. Louis

The key question for voters is whether the election of Cori Bush is a sign of a changing of the power structure in St. Louis or an anomaly. The stars were in alignment for Cori, generating name recognition though a documentary, and running on the back of civil rights demonstrations.

I don’t see Lyda Krewson, existing mayor winning reelection. She is an older white woman tied to the old political power structure with no passionate base of support. Tashara Jones, City Treasurer and an African American woman would be the favorite in my mind, with Cara Spencer a young smart progressive white woman running second. These are my early odds. Written by Paul Dribin


I think this comes close to taking the cake for stupidity. Activists in St. Louis have been hugely critical of the city police department for being insensitive to people of color, violating the rights of protesters etc. (No civilians have been hurt in the demonstrations but police have). St. Louis County earlier in the year passed a sales tax increase to raise police salaries and provide more resources to police forces. The city has come up with a similar proposal, Proposition P, largely because the better police officers would leave for the county which would have higher salaries. Well guess what. Activists led by Tashara Jones, Treasurer of the city and almost mayor are opposed to Proposition P because they don’t like the police. So you complain about police behavior and then not want to fund efforts to professionalize and provide more training for police. I guess if police are bad, we will be worse off with more inexperienced and poorly trained officers. Written by Paul Dribin

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