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St. Louis Closing Workhouse Makes No Sense

St. Louis Mayor Tashaura Jones has committed to closing the medium security prison known as The Workhouse. This makes no sense and seems to confuse the institution for all the woes of the criminal justice system. Activists seem to believe that closing jails will make crime go away. Not true. Written by Paul Dribin

New Mayor in St. Louis 2

I am cautiously pessimistic about the new major of St. Louis, Tashaura Jones. She has run the City Treasurer’s Office in a very personal political manner; hiring contractors to large contractors who were friends and without bidding. I hope she can do better as Mayor and bring people together. The job is very tough for anyone. Crime is rampant, schools are a mess, population has declined, and the city is a mess. Written by Paul Dribin

Mayoral election in St Louis

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