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Metrolink Revisited

The St. Louis Post Dispatch published an article today stating the City of St. Louis is awarding a consulting contract relative to the expansion of Metrolink. The article also said that there are not sufficient funds to pay for the expansion and the city may not be eligible for the federal funding they are reliant on. Does this make sense for a city so cash starved it wants to sell off its airport.

Metrolink has been billed as a tool for offering disadvantaged people better access to work opportunities. With more people working remotely, that simply does not make sense. Metrolink is providing those folks with a third rate, obsolete, unsafe form of transportation. Better to invest in a subsidized ride sharing program for poor people. Written by Paul Dribin


Light Rail

St. Louis is going ahead and holding meetings with regard to the north-south expansion of metrolink. This is a farce. Light rail is extremely expensive and in St. Louis has been a dangerous mode of transportation. Furthermore, new technology such as ride sharing and driverless cars will make the technology obsolete. We need to invest short term in buses and cities developing some relationships with ride sharing company so that poor people can avail themselves of these services. Written by Paul Dribin

Metrolink Again

More bad news about Metrolink. I know a guy who does various assorted tasks for Metrolink. He provided me with some amazing information:

1. He gets paid to ride the trains and check on service, safety, etc. He rode them hundreds of times last year and was never asked for a ticket.

2. When the police were on the trains they would not confront bad actors.

3. At some high crime Metrolink stops the police forced drug dealers onto trains so they would go elsewhere.

4. The crime levels at most stations are high.

Written by Paul Dribin

How St. Louis Can Get Ahead of the Curve

Here is some free advice about an obvious advance that will soon take place, driverless cars. In the not too distant future these cars will be available. People will be able to order them up on short notice and go where they want. It will have a revolutionary effect on our culture. St. Louis leaders need to anticipate how this technology will affect our lives. A few thoughts of mine:

1. People will be taking fewer auto trips. If you order a car you are going to be more efficient in its’ use.

2. What effect will they have on crime and auto theft?

3. Will people in disadvantaged communities be able to use this resource? Right now taxis will not go to high crime areas.

4. What effect will it have on our existing public transportation systems? I would predict fewer people would ride trains of buses.

Written by Paul Dribin

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