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Trump’s Illness

The kind and proper thing to do is wish the President well. I do rationally but can’t emotionally. His carelessness has caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands of people. His behavior with the virus has been even more irresponsible. There is a debate whether it is ever proper to rejoice at someone else’s suffering. We will see. Written by Paul Dribin

Missouri Behind Curve on Coronavirus

I have always complained that Missouri doesn’t lead the country in anything. I later found out we were first in meth labs and obesity. Now we have one of the worst records of any state in addressing coronavirus. The feds are coming down on us for our poor performance, more people are hospitalized and dying, but we do nothing. Maybe Trump and Parsons coming down with it may change peoples’ minds. Written by Paul Dribin

Coronavirus Misinformation

I am appalled as are many people by the latest misinformation coming from the CDC. They said that people who were exposed to covid but asymptomatic did not need to get tested. This flies in the face of all medical evidence and common sense. I am sure this change came from Trump who wants to keep testing down due to some perverted idea that will lower the number of coronavirus cases. Written by Paul Dribin

Trump administration doing nothing to increase affordable housing

an excellent article from New York Times

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