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Causes of Violent Behavior

I am convinced that there have always been violent and weird people around. The difference is that social media magnifies their efforts and Trump expanded power to them immensely. Much has been written about this which I am not going to repeat. There is another factor which does not get much attention. That is the practice of well meaning people, often on the left to tolerate crazy speech and treat it as fact. Many people have said to me during the years that if someone believes something is true, that is ok for them and we should tolerate it. Many of these beliefs encompass left wing thought as well, such as GMO foof being dangerous, or vaccines being harmful. Is it possible to be too tolerant.? Senator Moynihan said that we are all entitled to our own opinions, not our own facts. We need to stop treating wacky opinions as facts. Written by Paul Dribin



I’m Sick of This

A totally innocent woman was killed in crossfire on i-170 yesterday. When will this stop? Where are the outcries and memorials for her? Where is the community?

Black Lives Matter?

What if I told you something was the leading cause of death of young black men and that no one was interested in doing anything about it? What if I told you even the black community was largely indifferent. Well that cause of death is homicide, largely cause by gangs in historically black neighborhoods across the country. Why do the news media not cover the funerals of these innocent victims? Why does the Black Lives Matter movement ignore the issue but focus solely on police violence which accounts for a tiny fraction of the deaths. I wish I knew the answer. Written by Paul Dribin

Violence Prevention in St. Louis

I am happy to see attention paid to the violence in St. Louis. Some of our medical centers are providing special interventions for victims of violence in an effort to cure the problem. Hospitals have hired extra social workers to provide support and assistance to victims of violence and their families. Good effort. Written by Paul Dribin

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