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Biden and affordable housing

Good srticke in washington post

Lower Priced Houses are Over Assessed

This is a disturbing trend which I just read in the Washington Post. Analysts have reviewed millions of assessments and reached the conclusion that lower priced houses are over assessed resulting in disproportionately high taxes. This occurs because the lower priced houses are often in below average condition which would result in a low sales price. Assessors don’t usually see this because they usually don’t go inside the house. A weird set of circumstances. Written by Paul Dribin


George Will Hawley is the Most Ludicrous Senator–until-josh-hawley-pounced/2021/01/13/e85c278c-5506-11eb-a931-5b162d0d033d_story.html

Well said

Michael Gerson Criticizes Josh Hawley

A well deserved criticism from Washington Post

Great Looking Crime Diversion Program in Columbus Ohio

This makes so much sense. Diversion rather than criminal charges for non violent offenders. Written by Paul Drib

Good Article about Cori Bush Win

From Washington Post. The author argues that moderation has failed. Written by Paul Dribin

A New Structure for Housing Finance

An editorial from the Washington Post. It is interesting that responsibility for affordable housing will be placed in a revamped FHA.

Poverty in the Suburbs

I read an article in the Washington Post over the weekend which provided data that poverty is increasing faster in the suburbs than in central cities. I have heard reports of this nature for some time. Maybe this will make suburban voters a little more sensitive to the concerns of their counterparts in the city. Written by Paul Dribin

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