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William Danforth

Dr. William Danforth recently died at the age of 94. He was born into privilege of the Ralston Purina company but lived a modest live devoted to service to others. His most noted accomplishment was as President of Washington University. He was extremely modest and kind and cared deeply about the students at the university. I had the privilege of meeting him once. He was as kind to me as he was to everyone. He will be missed. Written by Paul Dribin

Is St. Louis Difunctional or What

Another example of the dysfunction of the St. Louis area. The Post reported today that Washington University is undergoing a study of the coronavirus effects of people in St. Louis County based upon race class etc. This is a great idea. What would have been a better idea is for the City of St. Louis to be a part of the study. The virus does not end at city boundaries. The city, however, is nowhere to be seen and does not have any answers as to why they did not participate. Too bad. Written by Paul Dribin

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