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Racial Equity Curriculum in Webster Groves

The school board of Webster Groves, my hometown is attempting to implement a racial equity curriculum for the district. There are all kinds of opinion on the subject, with some criticism and even a lawsuit from a national conservative organization. Such a curriculum is needed as long as it adopts data based research and is not just intended to make people feel guilty and other people feel they are victims. I have trust that the school board will do the right thing. Written by Paul Dribin


Webster Groves Has a Good Idea but state Limits It

The City of Webster Groves is presenting a ballot initiative that would tax internet sales of over $2000. The funds would be used to promote racial and economic diversity. The internet tax is klunky due to state law. All internet sales should be taxed but the $2000 limit is all the state allows. It relies on an honor system of collection which is certainly unreliable. I applaud our representatives in Webster Groves but wish the State of Missouri would fully get on board. Written by Paul Dribin

Education and Racial Integration in Webster Groves

I live in Webster Groves as does my daughter, son in law, and 2 grandsons. The school district in the last year has made a controversial decision about neighborhood schools, racial integration, etc. The district is overcrowded and in need of a new school. What they did was repurpose a computer school and sixth grade center as a new k-6 elementary school. The building is located in a predominantly black and lower income neighborhood. Previously those students had been disbursed among the other elementary schools which all had a relative degree of integration. With the new school, Givens Elementary, most of the black students in the district will attend one schools, resulting in a school with about a 30% poverty rate and resulting lower test scores. The other schools will no longer be integrated.

I don’t know how this jibes with Brown v. Board of Education decision and various civil rights statutes. On the other hand , the black community like all communities wanted a neighborhood schools. I don’t have a good answer but I know concentrating all the poor kids in one school is not a good idea. Written by Paul Dribin

Webster Groves Hires New City Manager

The City of Webster Groves, my home town has selected Marie Peeples as City Manager. She is a African American woman which is a first for Webster. Good news.

Residency Requirements

Many cities have them for various reasons and they are always a bad idea. The most notorious one is in the City of St. Louis and has hurt the city’s ability to attract employees, most particularly police officers. Right now the city is infested with crime and down about 140 police officers from its’ authorized level. Cities do not grow though the use of artificial barriers. Furthermore, residency can be used as a means of racial discrimination. Webster Groves where I live, had required certain appointed city officials such as the City Attorney to live in the city. This almost certainly eliminated a candidate pool of African American candidates. Residency requirements; a bad idea. Written by Paul Dribin

NIMBY in Webster Groves

Lutheran Senior Services a great senior housing provider had proposed constructing a 50 unit tax credit affordable housing project on their campus in Webster Groves, where I live, a suburb of St. Louis. The community once again reacted harshly, opposing the project for all the usual reasons, noise, density etc, even though it would be part of an existing campus and hardly noticed. In 2004 I was hired by Lutheran Senior to help develop a 202 low income senior project with the same results. People in our community attend church on a regular basis but don’t seem to get the message. Written by Paul Dribin

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